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Acrylic, vinyl and resin on a 30x30cm canvas.

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Happiness comes from progress, but progress must be forced. This is an inside work that we could qualify as “against nature”, since expanding ourselves entails the inevitable appearance of successive problems. That is why it is important that there is monitoring and external tutoring in order to move forward and to remember where we are going and why we are following this way.

In this small piece the importance of the figure of the "coach" is highlighted, it is presented with a somewhat hieratic, strong and inflexible image, always showing us where the goal is. This figure is in contrast to that of a woman of a certain age, which is used as a symbol of boredom and as a representation of the moment when forces seem to waver. It is a moment in which the gaze is already directed more towards the past instead of towards the goals, more towards the weight of losses, wounds and the passage of time itself, which seem to weigh down and pull us in an inevitable way. This is due, according to scientific evidence, to the protective instinct of our brain to create a "comfort zone" from which it seems increasingly difficult and unnecessary to get out.

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